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Webrecorder Desktop App!
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Webrecorder Desktop App

The Webrecorder Desktop App is a repackaging of Webrecorder as an Electron application, with an integrated Chrome browser.

It includes the same functionality available on running as a local app, including the new Autopilot feature.

All data captured is stored in a local directory on your machine, in Webrecorder-Data in your Documents directory.

Webrecorder Desktop is still in beta, and the latest beta pre-releases can be downloaded below or from Releases

OS X Windows (64-bit) Windows (32-bit) Linux
.dmg .exe (64-bit) .exe (32-bit) .AppImage

Note: Running on Linux requires installation of Redis, available as a package on most distros. OS X and Windows versions come with a bundled version of Redis.

Full Local Build

Follow instructions below to build Webrecorder Desktop. More info coming soon!

  1. Clone with submodules (the submodule is the main webrecorder/webrecorder, which contains most of the code)
git clone --recurse-submodules

This will install the Webrecorder submodule as well

  1. Build Webrecorder Python Binaries and install into python-binaries

This will build the Webrecorder project and install PyInstaller 3.3. Python 3.5 is recommended for now and a separate virtualenv just in case.

  1. Build the Webrecorder frontend
node build-desktop.js
  1. Run in Dev Mode
yarn run start-dev
  1. Build Electron Binary
yarn run dist
  1. If all goes well, the binary image should be placed in ./dist/{mac,linux,win} directory, depending on your platform.
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