Webrecorder Player for Desktop (OSX/Windows/Linux). (Built with Electron + Webrecorder)
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- pywb 2.0.0
- webrecorder binary compatible with OSX 10.10 (should fix #37)
- updated webrecorder ui (mostly fonts)
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Webrecorder Player

Webrecorder Player is a desktop application for viewing high-fidelity web archives on your local machine, no internet connection required. Webrecorder Player is available for download for OSX, Windows and Linux (experimental).

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  1. Download the latest version for your platform. On OSX, you can move the extracted Webrecorder Player app into your Applications directory.

  2. Start the application. (Note: At this time, Webrecorder Player is not yet signed through official app store, so you may have to accept launching unsigned apps).

  3. Click Load Web Archive to select a web archive file and start browsing.

See Visual Walkthrough

What are Web Archives?

A web archive is a record of web resources. It may include HTML and images, scripts, stylesheets, as well as video, audio and other elements that web pages and web apps are made of, all in one file.

Webrecorder Player currently supports browsing web archives in the following formats:

How do I Create Web Archives?

You can use free service https://webrecorder.io to create, view, share and save your web archives online.

To view your web archives offline, you can download them from https://webrecorder.io and use this app to browse your archives.

Build locally

  • clone this repository

      $ git clone https://github.com/webrecorder/webrecorderplayer-electron.git
      $ cd webrecorderplayer-electron
  • install required npm modules

      $ npm install
  • copy a release of python webrecorder-player into ./python-binaries. You can obtain pre-built python binaries here:

    Or, you can compile the Webrecorder python binary following instructions found in the build-macos.sh.

  • if you want to enable Flash you have to copy a flash plugin into ./plugins. Follow these instructions to find a local copy of PepperFlashPlugin in Chrome/Chromium

  • start the player

      $ npm start
  • package the player. a self-packaged version for you environment (linux, macos, windows) will be saved in ./dist

      $ npm run dist


Webrecorder Player is a project of Rhizome

For issues with the project, you can open an issue or contact us at support@webrecorder.io


Webrecorder is Licensed under the Apache 2.0 License. See NOTICE and LICENSE for details.