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Roots + WebriQ CMS

This is a simple example of how to integrate netlify CMS with a roots based site.

It's based on Brian Rinaldi's great Static Site Samples and meant as a simple example of how to hook netlify CMS up with a roots based site.

Setting up

  • Install node application in your system.

  • Install roots in your system globally npm i roots -g if you haven't done this before.

  • Make sure to install the netlify-git-api before you start.


git clone
cd roots-cms-example
netlify-git-api users add
netlify-git-api serve

Open a separate terminal window and run:

npm install
roots watch


Visit localhost:1111 to browser the site.

Visit localhost:1111/admin to use the CMS.

To run against the GitHub API in production, edit the production backend settings for admin/config.yml with the correct repository and branch.

Then make sure to set a CMS_ENV environment variable to production when running the production build.