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The canonical installation of tumble is found at


Tumble was a "Wouldn't it be cool?" project handed to Scott Schnedier back in 2004. The idea was to create a website similar to a tumbleblog. Obviously, eventually tumblr ccame along and the rest was history.


The easiet way to deploy is type is to clone and type make rpm on an EL6 system. Things should justwork after that.

If you are not on EL, things should still work. Just make install or package it yourself.

Tumble setup

  1. Get a flickr account.
  2. Set flickr account in scripts/flickr (since this is not abstracted yet)
  3. Change the passwords/usernames in sql_setup
  4. Change the passwords/usernames in the config.yaml
  5. Change url, server configuration etc in /etc/httpd/conf.d/tumble.conf
  6. Disable selinux or set proper context
  7. Start up httpd
  8. Setup database
     yum install mysql-server
     service mysqld start
     chkconfig mysqld on
     mysql < sql_setup
     mysql -u tumble tumble < migrations
     chkconfig httpd on
     service httpd start


* fix user-agent being hardy for link verification
* Should warn if unable to talk to databse or database is empty
* abstract quantity of items to be in 'hot shit' category
* Fix odd encoding bugs for web site titles
* Probably lots of others, but it has been in production for 10 years.
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