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A jQuery pagination plugin for simply setting up pagination on the fly. The plugin allows you to set how many pages are displayed at a time on a sliding scale and also has ajax support out of the box.

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Available options with notes, the values here are the defaults.

$.fn.wPaginate.defaultSettings = {
    theme           : 'black',      // theme for plugin to use
    first           : '<<',         // html for first page link (null for no link)
    prev            : '<',          // html for prev page link (null for no link)
    next            : '>',          // html for next page link (null for no link)
    last            : '>>',         // html for last page link (null for no link)
    spread          : 5,            // number of links to display on each side (total 11)
    total           : 400,          // total number of results
    index           : 0,            // current index, based on limit (0, 20, 40, etc)
    limit           : 20,           // increment for index
    url             : '#',          // url for pagination (also accepts function ex: function(i){ return '/path/' + i*this.settings.limit; })
    ajax            : false         // if ajax is set to true url will execute as a callback


Include the following files:

<script type="text/javascript" src="./wPaginate.js"></script>
<link rel="Stylesheet" type="text/css" href="./wPaginate.css" />


Init with static url:

    theme: 'green',
    total: 123,
    index: 40,
    limit: 20,
    url: '/results/page'

Init with dynamic url:

    theme: 'red',
    total: 123,
    index: 40,
    limit: 20,
    url: function(i){ return '/some/' + i + '/path'; }


    theme: 'red',
    total: 123,
    index: 40,
    limit: 20,
    url: function(i){ /* load page here */ },
    ajax: true


A few default styling themes are provided in the wPaginate.css file, however you can be easily add your own by following the styling indicated there which should look something similar to the sampel below:

._wPaginate_black ._wPaginate_link{border-color:#000; color:#000;}
._wPaginate_black ._wPaginate_link:hover,
._wPaginate_black ._wPaginate_link_active{border-color:#FF0000; color:#FF0000;}


Remove pagination on the speicified element.




MIT licensed

Copyright (C) 2011-2012 Websanova http://www.websanova.com