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Cookiecutter template to create a Websauna addon
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Cookiecutter template to create a Websauna Addon.

ci License Supported Python versions Latest Version


  • Websauna: Support to the latest version.
  • Virtualenv automatically created and setup in development mode.
  • Travis-CI: Ready for Travis Continuous Integration testing.
  • Tox testing: Setup to easily test for Python 3.5 and above.


To generate a new Websauna addon package first, install Cookiecutter:

$ pip install cookiecutter

Now run it against this repo:

$ cookiecutter gh:websauna/cookiecutter-websauna-addon

You'll be prompted for some values. Provide them, then a Websauna addon will be created for you.

Warning: After this point, change 'Amazing Team', 'websauna', etc to your own information.

Answer the prompts with your own desired options. For example:

full_name [Amazing Team]: Amazing Team
email []:
company [Websauna]: Company
github_username [websauna]: company
project_name [My Package]: Websauna News Addon
project_short_description [A nice and short description.]: News item model for Websauna
tags [python package websauna pyramid]: python package websauna pyramid
repo_name [websauna.package]:
namespace [company]: company
package_name [news]: news
release_date [today]:
year [2017]:
version [1.0.0a1]:
Select create_virtualenv:
1 - True
2 - False
Choose from 1, 2 [1]: 1

After a while, the generation will be finished and the following message will be displayed:

Websauna Addon.
Package was generated.
Now, code it, create a git repository, push to your GitHub account.
Sorry for the convenience.

Next Steps

  • Code the package
  • Create a git repository
  • Push to GitHub (or any other platform)
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