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Screenshot web-app

Use it on your Web Browser


Screenshot is an open-source tool to manage backgrounds and clipboard images to create screenshots with ease.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts have been enabled to make your workflow faster.

Action Shortcut
Upload Background ⌘ O
Delete Background ⌘ shift backspace
Paste Image ⌘ V
Delete Image ⌘ backspace

How does it work?

To use Screenshot, go to, (1.) upload your background, (2.) paste your image and then (2.) adjust the settings as needed.

Frame your screenshot using simple settings

Current backgrounds and images are stored in your browser using IndexDB.


Screenshot is a web-application being built with React in TypeScript, bootstrapped with create-next-app, and styled with TailwindCSS and Radix UI + components.

To install and run locally, using node@20.10.0 and pnpm@8.11.0 follow these steps:

  1. Clone the repository
git clone
  1. Navigate to the project's directory and install its dependencies
cd screenshot
pnpm i
  1. Start the development server, open your web browser and visit http://localhost:3000
  • Using NPM:
pnpm dev

Share your feedback

If you encounter an issue or would like to suggest a new feature, please feel free to reach out using our GitHub Repository at


Contributing to Screenshot is a great opportunity to join OSS. Specially at this early pre-release stage, we are actively looking to engage with users and developers to learn more together about Screenshot.

Issues, Pull requests, and Discussions are welcomed! For more information about our project visit: GitHub Repository at

If you find Screenshot helpful, we'd appreciate giving it a Star in GitHub.

Report an issue

Open a GitHub Issue and provide as much detail as possible about the issue, including any error messages or steps to reproduce the problem. We'll review the issue together and work to resolve it as quickly as possible.

Suggesting features

Open a GitHub Discussion and explain the proposed feature, what it should do, why it is useful, how users should use it. Give us as much info as possible so it will be easier to discuss, access and implement the proposed feature. If you’re unsure about a certain aspect of the feature, feel free to leave it open for others to discuss and find an appropriate solution.



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