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updated readme, thanks to adamjack's comments

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@@ -49,7 +49,7 @@ All examples require setting up either the specific class you'll be use or the B
### Find a Contact By Email Address, Check if They're a Member of the Default List
c = ConstantContact::Contact.find_by_email('')
- @contact = ConstantContact::Contact.find(@contact.int_id)
+ @contact = ConstantContact::Contact.find(c.int_id) # Because Constant Contact doesn't return a full contact when searching by email
puts 'In default contact list.' if @contact.contact_lists.include?(1) # contact_lists is an array of list ids

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When you search by email using the Constant Contact API, they don't return a full contact, just some key data. You can read about it here:

If a contact with that email exists, the query will return the contact's , the same way it would be returned when you query the contacts collection. In order to get the contact details, you need to query the contact resource itself, as described in Obtaining a Contact's Information.

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