Pages do not get cached on mobile devices #37

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Slobork commented Dec 11, 2013

When I look the page source over the Android I do not see the lines added by Quick Cache.

I didn't specify any user-agent exclusion than the default one (w3c_validator).

Slobork commented Dec 12, 2013

I found that it has conflict with Ninja Firewall plugin.
After I deactivate this plugin Quick Cache's note appears in the page source on mobile device.


raamdev commented Dec 21, 2013

@sboq Thanks for the heads up. If there's anything you know about that I can do to make Quick Cache compatible with Ninja Firewall, please let me know and I will look into that.

raamdev closed this Dec 21, 2013

Slobork commented Dec 21, 2013

I have reported this to Ninja Firewall author few days ago and after the test he answered:

That plugin (QC) has a syntax error, in advanced-cache.tpl.php line 110.
The regex has an unmatched closing parenthesis:

"if(is_multisite() && preg_match('//files[/?$])/', $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'])) return; "

Since that line affects multisite only , you may try to remove the unmatched ')' from the regex and check again if that works.

I have also turned the debug and I do have the following message regarding the Quick Qache:
Warning: preg_match() [function.preg-match]: Compilation failed: unmatched parentheses at offset 13 in …/public_html/wp-content/advanced-cache.php on line 155


jaswrks commented Dec 21, 2013

@raamdev I submitted a pull request with a fix for this.

Slobork commented Dec 21, 2013

And I've just tested by removing the line 110 from the advanced-cache.php, but it didn't help.
So it's probably related to the warning message I have regarding the line 155. But I'm not sure this line can be removed without affecting the further testing so I'll leave it for you.

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