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Feature Request: Support Nav Menu Roles plugin #164

raamdev opened this Issue · 2 comments

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Forked from #162.

@KTS915 writes...

You are right that user caches are not purged in a virgin installation.

It's taken some time, but I believe that I have finally isolated the problem, which appears to be caused by the Nav Menu Roles plugin. (See The recent update to that plugin does not fix the issue.

I can't just disable that plugin from my live sites, because it controls which menu items are shown to each user role, and it recognizes s2member's custom user roles. So this is a bit of a problem.

Need to investigate if Quick Cache can be updated to work better with this Nav Menu Roles plugin.


Current Release Candidate seems to fix this problem. Thanks!


@KTS915 Thanks so much for the confirmation! I'll mark this as fixed.

@raamdev raamdev closed this
@raamdev raamdev added this to the Next Release milestone
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