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define WP_CONTENT_DIR and WP_CONTENT_URL not obeyed #95

timreeves opened this Issue · 5 comments

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If you have moved your "wp-content" directory to another location (for security reasons) using the defines in wp-config.php, this modified path is not noticed by Quick Cache - it still makes its own cache by default under wp-content, creating that directory again.
I know I can modify the path by hand before activating Quick Cache - but it would be really neat if it suggested the right path itself...


@timreeves I agree with you.

@raamdev Instead of us hard-coding wp-content/cache, perhaps something like this.

str_replace(ABSPATH, '', WP_CONTENT_DIR).'/cache';

@timreeves Thanks so much for reporting this! I'll get this fixed in the next release.

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Reopening this issue because we discovered that WP_CONTENT_DIR is not obeyed in the scenario where it's set to a path outside of ABSPATH. See related discussion on #206.

Also see relevant comment from Jason regarding fixing this by using content_url() instead of site_url():

QC currently doesn't use site_url() much at all anyway, and where it does use it, it's warranted (i.e. for the sitemap location).

I also checked the source code for the HTML Compressor, and it uses both WP_CONTENT_DIR and WP_CONTENT_URL when they are available; so we are already good there too.

I think all that needs to happen here, is that we need to remove wp-content from the base_dir in the QC options array; and replace existing occurrences of ABSPATH with WP_CONTENT_DIR as the new root directory from which to nest everything else into. The method abspath_to() should get renamed to wp_content_dir_to() maybe.

@raamdev raamdev reopened this
@raamdev raamdev modified the milestone: Next Release, v140605

Assigning this to the Next Release milestone.


This was resolved by the above referenced pull request(s).

@jaswsinc jaswsinc closed this issue from a commit
@jaswsinc jaswsinc Finalizing websharks/zencache#151
Additional work toward achieving websharks/zencache#130
Also resolves websharks/zencache#206
Also resolves websharks/zencache#95
Also resolves websharks/zencache#193
@jaswsinc jaswsinc closed this in 29eaf58
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