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WebSharper CRUD API Sample Build status

This project demonstrates how to write a pure client-side WebSharper application that consumes an HTTP API also written with WebSharper. This project implements the server for this HTTP API.

It features:

  • a Model-View-Update client-side application with multiple pages;
  • HTML templating with WebSharper.UI;
  • server interaction using a WebSharper Sitelet router, defined from the exact same endpoint and data types as the server.

You can see this application running live here. This instance connects to the server running here.

App screenshot



The recommended way to develop on this project on all platforms is using Visual Studio Code with the Ionide-fsharp extension for F# language support.

To get running, start the "Run Build Task" command (Ctrl+Shift+B by default) and select the "watch" task. This starts a job that compiles the application, starts it at urls http://localhost:5100, and restarts this process when you save an F# file.

For the same effect from the command line, run the following:

cd src
dotnet watch run --server.urls=http://localhost:5100

Developing with a local server side

You can run the server side locally by cloning its repository and following its instructions.

To connect to it from this application instead of the default server, change the value Update.BaseUrl in Update.fs to http://localhost:5000.

Code walkthrough

The application's source code is structured as follows.

  • PeopleAPI, the server side, is refenced from NuGet. This allows us to use the same types to define the HTTP endpoints and JSON data.

  • Model.fs contains the core data model types and functionality.

  • Update.fs contains the application logic, updating the model based on messages received from the view.

    • Interaction with the server is handled using a Sitelet router. The function Router.FetchWith takes a value of the EndPoint type and creates a request to the server with the corresponding URL, method and body.
  • View.fs uses HTML templates parsed from index.html to define the view of the application.

  • App.fs ties all of the above together using MVU's App.Create.

  • Startup.fs contains the only server side code in this application; it defines a simple ASP.NET Core application that serves the contents of wwwroot.

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SPA client for the PeopleAPI sample






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