A TodoMVC application for WebSharper
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WebSharper UI.Next TodoMVC Implementation Build status

An implementation of TodoMVC using WebSharper UI.Next.

See it running live here.


The implementation does not fully conform to the TodoMVC app specification:


  • The routing scheme is slightly different from what is defined in the specs (this would need changes in ui.next itself).
  • There is currently no model implementation that is backed by local storage. It may be worth extracting the in-memory array that is used by ListModel and provide a way to plug the actual store implementation.
  • When the user double-clicks the label of an item focus() is not called on the element as it's not possible to get a reference to the right input box within UI.Next.
  • The mark-up is slightly different (differs on 3 parts: +2 spans and +1 div) because of the nature of how our templating works.