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Sync your Sketch artboards to Google Slides with ease
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Sync to Slides

Sync your Sketch artboards to Google Slides with ease

Sync to Slides is a Sketch plugin that will help you upload your artboards to Google Slides directly without an export step


Things to know

  • Slides API have limited request payload sizes. Don't expect the plugin to work if you sync 50 artboards with ton of layers at a time. The workaround can be select max of 10 artboards at a time.
  • You can also lock the layer if you don't want that layer to be exported for targeted commenting. Locking layers that don't need commenting support will drastically decrease the sync time.
  • If you don't want commenting support at all, goto settings and say no to export layers.


Whatch it here


Install PLUGIN NAME with Sketchpacks


Download here


[2.2] - 2017-05-28

  • Now user user created page elements won't get deleted
  • Symbols will correctly keep comments
  • Added the appcast updates

[2.1] - 2017-05-06

  • User can click on the refresh button to get new changes
  • Added export only image option

[2.0] - 2017-04-09

  • Added file upload selection
  • Exports all the individual layers, which allows commenting
  • Complete code re-write

[0.0.1] - 2017-03-12

  • Releasing the beta version of sync to slides Bugs & Suggestions This is a very early beta so there will be few bugs which we might very well fix in the next release. So please do report bugs to by creating a issue here


Huge thanks to utom, a huge amount of code is borrowed from his Sketch Measure plugin.



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