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A powerful web development platform built with Core
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A powerful web development platform built with Core

Websilk is a headless Content Management System (CMS), which consists of a dashboard interface and a secure, RESTful web API. This allows developers to design websites & mobile applications naturally, using their platform & programming languages of choice, while allowing non-technical writers & editors to manage content for the website via the dashboard interface.


  1. Fork or clone from Github, then open Websilk.sln in Visual Studio
  2. In Visual Studio's Package Manager Console, do the following:
    • install submodules: git submodule update --init --recursive
    • install node.js dependencies: npm install
    • run initial gulp task: gulp default
  3. Install the database by publishing the Sql project in Visual Studio to Sql Server 2016 or greater. The default database name is Websilk
  4. Press the play button in Visual Studio!


  • Manage websites from a centralized dashboard
    • Create a hierarchy of web pages
    • Build custom forms and then fill them with content to use on individual web pages
    • Reuse custom forms across multiple web pages to create similar types of content with
    • Upload photos & various web-safe files to use on your web pages
    • Manage user accounts (coming soon!)
    • Develop & use custom form fields (such as a custom music player for an mp3 upload field)

How does Websilk work (under the hood)?

Websilk uses a custom-built C# MVC framework called Datasilk Core along with the Javascript framework Datasilk Core JS. A modern CSS framework called Tapestry is used for the responsive dashboard UI, and selector.js is used as an ultra light-weight alternative to jQuery. These technologies allow Websilk to run very efficiently.

If you're interested in starting a project using these technologies, you can begin by cloning Datasilk Core Template.

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