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This repository is the official cli client for This command lets you subscribe to email addresses at the domain and perform actions when they arrive.

Installing and using

The client requires an API token, which can be aquired for free from the website.

To build and install the development command line client into $GOPATH/bin run:

go get

To get a prebuilt version of the cli client download one from the releases page.


A tool for interacting with

Usage of wsemail:
  -api-token string
    	API token to authenticate with, can also be specified with the env variable WEBSOCKETEMAIL_TOKEN
  -for-address string
    	Subscribe to emails arriving at this email address
    	Generate a random fake email, print to stdout and exit
  -n int
    	Wait for and print this many emails before exiting, less than or equal to zero waits forever (default 1)
  -timeout uint
    	Wait this many seconds for an email to arrive before giving up and terminating with an error, 0 for no timeout (default 60)
    	print the version then to stdout and exit


  Generate a secure random email address:

    $ wsemail -generate-address

  Wait 10 seconds for a single email for

    $ wsemail -for-address -timeout 10