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Sand Castle Defense


The game has 3 phases

  1. Build the castle (player designs castle within time limit)
  2. Populate the Castle (player picks the inhabitants based on the castle size)
  3. Defend the castle (the tide comes in carrying different attackers and the castle must be defended by inhabitants)

Phase 1: THE BUILD

Building a castle is done by performing a couple simple tasks. First the player is given a lot. The lot is subdivided into a grid. The grid resolution changes depending on the current tool selected.


  • Shovel 3 sizes
  • Trowel 3 sizes
  • Bucket 3 sizes
  • Stick 12 total patterns (earned through gameplay)

The Base:

Use the shovels of the appropriate size to remove dirt from the lot and place it elsewhere in the lot. The sand should react similar to how real sand does (should the player have a pressure control for depth?). Placing sand should leave Mounds and Pits.

Mounds can be used to place bucket structures on or can be reserved for inhabitants. Mounds and Pits are the primary defense against Tides and so they should be built up and down appropriate to the level.

Leveling Off:

Using the trowels the player clean up and sculpt the mounds. This will be described in a design document outlining it but can be best described verbally as:

  1. View 3d representation of Sand Castle
  2. Zoom/Pan/Rotate camera around the Sand Castle
  3. Select a trowel width and angle
  4. Rotate to opposing angle
  5. Select the depth to "cut" with the trowel

Bucket Up:

Throughout the game the player will get access to different bucket types, each bucket type (4 types) is represented in 3 sizes (you can stack buckets of smaller sizes if you accumulate enough sand). Buckets of sand (Bucket Structures) can be placed only on top of mounds or other bucket structures.

Each of the 4 bucket types create structures that can launch attacks against on coming elements and critters. They range from close range powerful attacks to long range weak attacks and have one of the following characteristics: fast attack rate, impede critter or element movement, critter damage over time, element debuff.

Bucket Types: Bucket Type: (special, damage, range) Bartizan : Overhanging turret (critter dot, 3, 2) Bastion : Small Tower (fast attack rate, 1, 4) Battlement : Protective Wall (element debuff, 4, 1) Turret : For firing upon enemies (impede movement, 2, 3)

Inhabitant types:

  1. Coral []
  2. Turtle [baby, snapper, tortois]
  3. Crab [hermit, blue, king]
  4. Urchin [sand dollar, sea cucmber, spiney urchin]
  5. Eel []
  6. Bird
  7. Seal [otter, lion seal, walrus]