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the plan so far:

Steve has already created a network layer 2 pipe to json output
collect json output in node collector and filter to note set
send note set to client and if midi report midi
else play loaded voices (audiotags)

Things to determine
noise format:
ambient background
mid level character voices
high level detail voices

How long does a single ambient background play
how frequently do mid level voices change
how frequently to we play high level voices

how do we filter messages to the appropriate buckets
3 ambient buckets
7 mid level buckets
21 high level buckets

voice arrangement:
ambient voice should at least 3 measures
mid level voice should be at most 1 measure
high level voice should be at most 3 notes

This is just a rough draft of some ideas to get us going. These numeric values
should be adjustable from the client so we can tweak it until it sounds good.
Steve had this really good idea for controlling stuf on the client, but maybe
storage would be a good idea too so we could save voice sets.