Javascript MVC for the "write less, do more" programmer
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Agility is an MVC library for browser-side Javascript that lets you write maintainable code without compromising on development speed. It's write less, do more with maintainability.

Features include:

  • Painless two-way model-view bindings;
  • Implicit controller-event bindings;
  • Controller auto-proxying for quick and consistent access to owner object;
  • Format and style in-object for "copy-and-paste" reusability;
  • Small (<10K) single-library include;
  • Compact and efficient syntax, inspired by jQuery;
  • Pure prototypal inheritance;
  • Strict MVC: core has no additional concepts other than M, V, and C.

Curious to learn more? Visit or fork the project and commit away - contributors are always welcome!