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Personal JavaScript Library

Most of it is pretty useless play stuff but every once in a while, a ninja line
jumps out and slices you up.

objectDb : This is a websql db translation layer for interacting with json
objects the idea is pretty young but I intend for this to act as
a base library for handling a web applications transition between
online states.

colorPicker : This one just started up not long ago, hence the shit code
The idea is that the color picker should allow mathematical
operations to be performed to be easily at run time to accomodate
color manipulation operations in things like canvas.

cssMake : This is just a real time javascript sass plugin. You can grab some
data or make a “style” rule object on the fly and inject it into the
page. This was intended to be handy for creating run time css selector
objects based on data interactions from the user without the round
trip. Particularly useful if you are using something like jQuery to add
dom elements to the tree, with this you can style them without relying
on the style attribute.

testJs : Not even really written yet but in the test pages I have the beginnings
of a little test framework. It is pretty simple and not very robust but
I intend to write it out and make it more approachable by leaning it onto
the chrome/safari developers tools and Mozilla Firefox.

keyCode : Simple library for handling keyboard inputs and returning values.
I intend to make a full featured mechanism for wiring a global method
set off of any dom object to react to keyboard input.