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Node template for customizing Riak

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                  Welcome to Riak (pimped).

1. Fork this repo.
2. Git clone your fork.
3. Add precommit, postcommit, map, and reduce functions to the appropriate 
module in apps/riak_bling/src.
4. 'make rel' or whatever.
5. Run riak as normal from rel/riak/bin. Your functions will be available 
via the module name: map_funs, reduce_funs, pre_funs, and post_funs.


* Hooks can be installed/uninstalled using helpers in "hooks".
* You can also add external dep OTP apps if you want to get froggy.
* See README_RIAK and for working with Riak.
* Example funs stolen and twisted from riak_function_contrib.
* Let me know if there are any heinous license violations within.
* Please be nice this is my first public Erlang project.
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