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rebar create template=riak_core appid=myapp
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Latest commit 42e5953 @footyfish footyfish committed with jnewland set default node name as apps name
Failed to load latest commit information. typo initial riak_core rebar template
riak_core.erl Add multinode support
riak_core.gitignore move app code to apps/
riak_core.hrl initial riak_core rebar template initial riak_core rebar template
riak_core.rebar.config move app code to apps/
riak_core.template initial riak_core rebar template
riak_core_app.erl Add noop ring/node event handlers.
riak_core_multinode.Makefile Add noop ring/node event handlers.
riak_core_multinode.admin-runner Get devrel working Add multinode support
riak_core_multinode.console Get devrel working
riak_core_multinode.dev1.config Get devrel working
riak_core_multinode.dev2.config Get devrel working
riak_core_multinode.dev3.config Get devrel working
riak_core_multinode.erl.script Add multinode support
riak_core_multinode.nodetool Add multinode support
riak_core_multinode.rebar.config move app code to apps/
riak_core_multinode.reltool.config move app code to apps/
riak_core_multinode.runner Add multinode support
riak_core_multinode.template set default node name as apps name
riak_core_multinode.vars.config Add multinode support
riak_core_multinode.vm.args revert to old node template expansion due to bug in latest rebar
riak_core_node_event_handler.erl Add noop ring/node event handlers.
riak_core_ring_event_handler.erl Add noop ring/node event handlers.
riak_core_ring_handler.erl Add noop ring/node event handlers.
riak_core_sup.erl Add multinode support
riak_core_vnode.erl add handle_exit callback to vnode

Rebar templates for generating riak_core applications


Install rebar. You can do that via homebrew:

brew update
brew install rebar

Drop these templates in ~/.rebar/templates/, then:

mkdir myapp
cd myapp
rebar create template=riak_core appid=myapp
git init
git commit -am "omg riak_core"
git push

Integrate this app into your node's rebar.config:

{deps, [
      {riak_core, "0.14.*", {git, "git://", {tag, "riak_core-0.14.1"}}},
      {myapp, ".*", {git, "", "HEAD"}},

Add it to your reltool.config, then generate a release with rebar generate. Fire up your node, attach, and test out the included public API's ping/0 function, which should return {pong, Partition}:

1> riak_core_node_watcher:services().
2> myapp:ping().

Hey, distributed unicorns!

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