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An HTML5 Canvas based visualisation that lets you represent data in the style of a Tube/Metro map.

The map is a work in progress but feel free to use, abuse and contribute. Enjoy.


alt text


Load the TubeMapViz library into your webpage

<script src=''></script>

Example Usage

Create an element to use as the map parent

<div id="mapContainer" style="width:800; height:600px;"></div>

Create a new instance of TubeMapViz

var myTubeMap = new TubeMapViz();

Using the sample data provided, call the render() function to draw the map

myTubeMap.render(myTubeMap.sampleData, document.getElementById("mapContainer"));

Data Structure

The data expected by the map is an array of objects structured like this

  "name": String, (required)
  "colour": String, //if set overrides the colours property in the map options
  "stations": Array (required) [
      "name": String (required),
      "status": Number, //1 - default || 0 - draws an inactive line either side of the station using the specified 'inactiveColour'
      "distanceToNext": Number, //if set is used to determine the distance between this and the next station. a scale is created using the min and max values.
      "custom": {
        "fill": String, //overrides the station fill colour
        "stroke": String, //overrides the station stroke colour
        "scale": Number, //scales the station by the specified scale
        "image": String, (url) //allows an image to be used to represent the station
        "imageSize": Number, //specifies the diameter of the image used
        "drawLabel": Boolean  //if true then the label for the station is not drawn


When creating a new instance of TubeMapViz a configuration object can be passed in.

var options = {
  fontSize: 14
var myTubeMap = new TubeMapViz(options);

Options can also be set after creation

myTubeMap.fontSize = 14;

The following is a list of available options

  "debug": Boolean, //defaults to false;
  "disableHighlighting": Boolean, //defaults to false. if true stations will not 'popout' on mouseover;
  "padding": Number,  //defaults to 30;
  "stationRadius": Number,  //defaults to 8;
  "lineWidth": Number,  //defaults to 5;
  "lineSpacing": Number,  //defaults to 5;
  "colours": Array, // defaults to ["#ff7373","#ffd546","#d47dbe","#68b5de","#86ae22"].
  "labelLineHeight": Number,  //defaults to 13;
  "labelColour": String,  //defaults to "black";
  "labelWrapThreshold": Number, //defaults to 4 cells. cell size is equal to 2 x stationRadius;
  "fontSize": Number, //defaults to 10;
  "fontFamily": String, //defaults to "Arial";
  "fontWeight": String, //defaults to "Normal";
  "highlightScale": Number, //defaults to 1.3;
  "inactiveColour": String, //defaults to "#DDDDDD";
  "stationColour": String,  //defaults to "black";
  "stationThickness": Number, //defaults to lineWidth;
  "stationClicked": Function, //
  "showLegend": Boolean,  //defaults to true;
  "customLegend": Array [ //allows you to provide a custom legend
      "name": String,
      "colour": String
  "legendFontSize": Number, //defaults to fontSize;
  "legendFontWeight": String, //defaults to fontWeight;
  "legendFontColour": String, //defaults to labelColour;
  "legendBackgroundColour": String, //defaults to "rgba(255,255,255,0.7)";
  "zoomControlBackgroundColour": String,  //defaults to "#888";
  "allowZoom": Boolean, //defaults to true. if true zoom controls are visible;
  "zoomToFit": Boolean //defaults to true. only active if allowZoom is also true;


stationClicked: function(station){
  //allows you to add custom behaviour to the stationClicked event
  //the supplied station object has the following properties
    "name": String, 
    "status": Number, 
    "mode": String

Rendering Logic

*To calculate station positions a virtual grid is created where the size of a cell is equal to 2 * stationRadius *Lines are drawn in the same order they are provided *Lines will always draw from left to right *Where a line cannot continue in a given horizontal direction it will look for an alternative vertical route, starting in a downward direction *Lines are only drawn horizontally and vertically *Multiple lines that share 2 or more consecutive stations will be drawn parallel *Lines do not pass through reserved space (e.g. labels, stations and other lines)

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