CakePHP Plugin for the CloudFiles service of RackSpace
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Rackspace CloudFiles CakePHP Plugin

This plugin is used to interface with the Rackspace CloudFiles service. This plugin utilizes the php-cloudfiles provided by rackspace



  • 1.4.0: Upgraded to instead of deprecated Update your submodules.
  • 1.3.0: Added CloudFiles::exists and CloudFiles::upload now will check if file exists before uploading (default off)
  • 1.2.0: Added CloudFiles.cloud_files shell for basic upload/delete of files to your CDN
  • 1.1.0: Added CloudFiles::listContainer, CloudFiles::createContainer, CloudFiles::deleteContainer
  • 1.0.1: Added CloudFiles::download
  • 1.0.0: Initial Release -- More polish, added CloudFilesHelper, all basic REST actions on cloud files implemented.
  • 0.0.2: Added CloudFiles Library -- utilizing the rackspace php-cloudfiles library and implemented upload function CloudFiles::upload, CloudFiles::delete, CloudFiles::ls
  • 0.0.1: Initial Commit -- Skeleton plugin�


There are two ways to install the plugin, via GIT with submodules or manually by downloading two repositories

Git Installation (recommended)

After cloning the repository, you must run git submodule init and update to pull in the required vendor

git clone git:// app/Plugin/CloudFiles
cd app/Plugin/CloudFiles
git submodule init
git submodule update

Manual Installation

Setup and Configuration

Ensure the plugin is loaded in app/Config/bootstrap.php by calling CakePlugin::load('CloudFiles');

Create a file app/Config/cloud_files.php with the following:

$config = array(
	'CloudFiles' => array(
		'server' => 'US', //UK
		'username' => 'your_username', //your username
		'api_key' => 'API_KEY', //your api key
		'region' => 'ORD', //ORD, DFW, LON
		'url_type' => 'publicURL',
		'tenant_name' => ''

Example of this configuration file is in app/Plugin/CloudFiles/Config/cloud_files.php.default

Usage Examples

Basic Usage examples below

Upload a file to rackspace

Uploads a local file to the specified container in rackspace

$cdn_url = CloudFiles::upload('/path/to/image.jpg','container_name');
//Will not re-upload the same image if it's already in the CDN
CloudFiles::upload('/path/to/image.jpg', 'container_name', array('overwrite' => false));

TIP: There is also a built in shell to help upload directories and files

//Rerusively upload a directory to a container on rackspace
$ cake CloudFiles.cloud_files -r upload /path/to/directory container_name

//Upload a single file to a container on rackspace
$ cake CloudFiles.cloud_files upload_file /path/to/file.ext container_name

Download a file from rackspace

Download a remote file in a specific container to a local file

CloudFiles::download('image.jpg', 'container_name', '/local/path/to/image.jpg');

Delete a file from rackspace

Delete a file from a specific container on rackspace


TIP: There is also a built in shell to help delete files on rackspace

//Delete a single file in a container on rackspace
$ cake CloudFiles.cloud_files delete_file file.ext container_name

//Delete all files in a container as well as the container
$ cake CloudFiles.cloud_files delete_container container_name

List files on rackspace

List files in a specified container on rackspace

//Get all files in container
$files = CloudFiles::ls('container_name');

//Get files starting with a prefix
$files = CloudFiles::ls('container_name', array(
	'prefix' => 'cake'

//Limit the files returned
$files = CloudFiles::ls('container_name', array(
	'limit' => 10

//Limit the files returned, starting at marker
$files = CloudFiles::ls('container_name', array(
	'limit' => 10,
	'marker' => 30

Public or Streaming URL of a file on rackspace

Get the URL of an object in rackspace (streaming or public)

$url = CloudFiles::url('image.jpg','container_name');

$stream = CloudFiles::stream('', 'container_name');

There is also a helper class to assist image and streaming retrieval

//Some Controller
public $helpers = array('CloudFiles.CloudFiles');

//Some View
echo $this->CloudFiles->image('image.jpg','container_name');
echo $this->CloudFiles->stream('', 'container_name');
echo $this->CloudFiles->url('some_file.txt', 'container_name');

List containers on rackspace

List all containers on rackspace

//Get all containers
$containers = CloudFiles::listContainers();
//Limit the containers returned
$containers = CloudFiles::listContainers(array(
	'limit' => 2

Create container on rackspace

Created a container on rackspace, defaults to public container (CDN)

$Container = CloudFiles::createContainer('css');

TIP: There is a shell to help create containers.

$ cake CloudFiles.cloud_files create_container container_name

Delete a container on rackspace

Delete a container on rackspace, notice container must be empty.

App::uses('CloudFiles', 'CloudFiles.Lib');

TIP: There is a shell to help delete containers. Note, this also deletes all files prior to deleting the container

$ cake CloudFiles.cloud_files delete_container container_name