This plugin allows you to customize WordPress by adding support to upload custom login logo, favicon & Apple touch icon and by hiding non essential
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=== WordPress for My Clients ===
Contributors: themeist, hchouhan
Donate link:
Tags: login logo, favicon, customize, login, apple touch, apple touch icon, upload, wordpress, admin, minimum, dashboad, cms, hide
Requires at least: 3.5
Tested up to: 4.3.1
Stable tag: 3.1.4
Plugin Name: WordPress for My Clients
Plugin URI:
Author: Themeist
Author URI:
License: GPLv2 or later
License URI:

This plugin allows you to customize WordPress by adding support to upload custom login logo, custom favicon & Apple touch icon and by hiding non essential wp-admin components.

== Description ==

This plugin allows you to customize WordPress by hiding non essential wp-admin components adding support for custom login logo and favicon for website and admin pages.

= What does this plugin do? =
* Hides non essential elements in the WordPress admin such as dashboard widgets and menu items.
* Adds ability to upload a custom logo for the login screen
* Adds ability to upload and set custom Favicon for your WordPress site and the WordPress admin.
* Adds ability to upload Apple Touch Icon & choose its style.
* Adds a Facebook Widget
* Adds option to add Facebook Admin ID (meta property for insights)
* Adds a Flickr Widget
* Adds a Video Embed Widget
* Adds a Contact Address Widget
* Adds Metabox library
* Adds Gallery Metabox support

If you want to change your login logo, add custom favicon and hide non-essential WordPress components, then this is the best plugin for it. Don't forget to give a review if you find this plugin useful.

Please report any bugs you find via

This is an experimental plugin created with a aim to keep themes light by adding common functionalities required by client projects into this plugin. This way updating websites is easier.

> ** For Developers **
> If you're a developer and want to contribute, head over to ["WordPress for my Clients" plugin on GitHub](

= My Links =

* Twitter @[harishchouhan](
* Google+ [Harish Chouhan](

If you love the plugin, please consider rating it and clicking on "it works" button.

== Installation ==

1. Upload the directory `/wp-for-my-clients/` to the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory
2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress
3. Click on the Settings link below the plugin name on the plugins page to add your custom logo for the login screen and favicon.

== Frequently Asked Questions ==

Take a look at the [official "WordPress for my Clients" FAQ - Coming soon](

You can also visit the [support center]( and start a discussion if needed.

== Changelog ==

= 3.1.4
* Fixed Code of included widgets & code cleanup

= 3.1.3
* Fixed version number

= 3.1.2
* Updated Customizer Library to 1.3.0

= 3.1.1
* Updated readmde and fix some tag issue

= 3.1.0
* Updated Custom Meta Box Library to 1.20
* Added Customizer Library by Devin Price
* Added Website Verification fields for Google Webmaster tools, Alexa, Yahoo, Bing & Pinterest

= 3.0.5
* Changed WP_PLUGIN_URL to plugins_url()

= 3.0.2
* Field to add Facebook admin id for Facebook Insights

= 3.0.1
* Added width property to keep custom login logo visible when MP6 plugin is active

= 3.0.0
* Added Flickr, Facebook, Video Embed & Contact Address widgets
* Added CMB Meta Box library
* Added Gallery Meta Box library.
* Disabled WooCommerce branding option due to some bugs.

= 2.0.0
* Added support to upload custom logo for login page and set a custom height
* Added support to upload favicon and apple touch icons for both the frontend and the dashboard
* Added support to remove curved border and reflective shine from Apple touch icon

= 1.0.0
* This is the first version