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Use PHP to integrate Single Sign On with your Website Toolbox Forum.
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Use PHP to integrate Single Sign On between your website and your Website Toolbox Forum. Code and examples are included for integrating log in, log out, sign up, deleting, and updating the account.


  1. Provide values for the variables at the top of forum_sso_functions.php

  2. Include forum_sso_functions.php in your website's PHP files wherever you need to integrate Single Sign On.

  3. Copy code from the examples into your own website's files.

  4. Specify your sign up, log in, and log out page URLs in the Single Sign On settings.

Contact us if you need help. Go to the Single Sign On settings and select your website builder to have our development team integrate SSO for you, starting at just $199.

You can read our SSO documentation to understand how the approach works.

This example uses cURL to make HTTP requests. Most servers have cURL pre-installed. If you don't have the cURL php extension installed on your server, you can install it or use a different method to make HTTP requests.

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