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📋 lists of engineering, design and maker related stuff in Singapore
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lists of developer, designer, maker related stuff


  1. JS Conf Asia
  2. CSS Conf Asia
  3. Red Dot Ruby Conf
  4. Maker Faire Singapore
  5. UX SG
  6. PHP Conf Asia
  7. PyCon SG
  8. Geekcamp SG
  9. iOS Conf SG
  10. DevOps Day Singapore
  11. Agile Conf

hackathons / competitions

  1. SAUVC
  2. SuperHappyDevHouse
  3. Hackatron


  1. Go to an open free meetup where potential candidates might come
  2. Search in Github
  3. Startup Jobs Asia

jobs / internships

  1. Come to an open free meetup where potential employers might come
  2. If you are looking for startups, go through the list

co-working spaces

  1. Plugin @Blk 71
  2. The Hub Singapore
  3. The Co
  4. Hackerspace SG

where to find developers, designers and makers

  1. Github open source repository owners from Singapore, with at least 50 stars and updated within the last 3 months. For specific programming language try querying for javascript, python, ruby, objective-c, shell, php
  2. Organisers, attendees and speakers of open free developer, maker and design events in Singapore
  3. Interviews of developers, designers and makers
  4. Twitter list of:


in slack, irc, or

  1. Singapore JS Gitter
  2. Nodeschool Singapore Gitter
  3. KopiJS Slack
  4. Hackerspace Slack
  5. Hackerspace IRC #hackerspacesg freenode
  6. PHP Slack
  7. Go Slack #singapore channel
  8. RubySG Slack
  9. Grumpy Gits SG Slack
  10. Wordpress SG Slack
  11. Singapore CSS
  12. iOS Dev Scout chat
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