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WebVR - Focus Team Pitch [Mozilla India Meetup, Pune | 27 Aug, 2016]


  1. Ram
  2. Lavish Aggarwal
  3. Osho Parth
  4. Srushtika Neelakantam
  5. Kritika Maheshwari
  6. Shadab
  7. Parag
  8. Survesh


This was the first meeting of the newly formed WebVR India group. We just discussed about ToDo operations/activities as the group, goals, objectives etc. Following are the outcomes of the discussions.

Operational Specifications

  • Make an organization on github (named as webvr-india) [ ]
  • Interactive teaching kits for onboarding new members
  • Creating a forum and a slack channel for Q/A -#india channel already there
  • Frequent hangouts and peer to peer meetings to ensure quality and continued contribution

Goals for the next six months

  • 50+ active contributors
  • 5+ mega events
  • 10+ onboarding apps
  • Align with the Mozilla staff and other A-Frame mentors

What are the immediate next steps

  • Enhancing the team's technical skill set
  • Evangelise WebVR in India


  • Active WebVR contributors across India, evangelising.
  • To merge successfully with the "Future Technologies" Functional group.
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