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WebWallet Wiki


WebWallet is an API specification for digital currencies on the Web. The specification is built around the concept of information about debts in the form of IOUs, and defines a publicly auditable data model in which all state transitions are driven by cryptographically signed messages that solve hash puzzles.


WebWallet is NOT:

  • a browser-based wallet service that holds private keys on behalf of users.
  • a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, but enables the creation of units of account.
  • a blockchain like Ethereum's, though it uses the data structure internally.
  • a platform for issuing assets, but a convention for keeping track of liabilities.
  • a payment method like $£€¥₩ Pay/Wallet, but it can be used to build them.
  • a currency exchange service, though it supports multivariate transactions.
  • a decentralized, peer-to-peer network, but follows the client-server model.

WebWallet is:

  • a currency-agnostic, cryptographically-driven transactional model for the Web.
  • a general-purpose accounting model for creating abstract units of measurement.
  • a protocol for keeping accounts in logically decentralized information spaces.

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