A framework based on tornado for easier development, scaling up and maintenance
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Turbo is a framework for fast building web site and RESTFul api, based on tornado.

  • Easily scale up and maintain
  • Rapid development for RESTFul api and web site
  • Django or flask application structure
  • Easily customizable
  • Simple ORM for MongoDB
  • Logger
  • Session(storage support for redis, disk and so on)
  • Support MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL and so on
  • Support MongoDB asynchronous driver Motor base on turbo-motor
  • Support Python3

Getting started

pip install turbo
turbo-admin startproject <project_name>
cd <project_name>/app-server
touch __test__
python main.py


Documentation and links to additional resources are available at http://app-turbo.readthedocs.org/