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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import json
import time
import inspect
import logging
import requests
from wechatpy.constants import WeChatErrorCode
from wechatpy.session.memorystorage import MemoryStorage
from wechatpy.exceptions import WeChatClientException, APILimitedException
from wechatpy.client.api.base import BaseWeChatAPI
logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)
def _is_api_endpoint(obj):
return isinstance(obj, BaseWeChatAPI)
class BaseWeChatClient:
def __new__(cls, *args, **kwargs):
self = super().__new__(cls)
api_endpoints = inspect.getmembers(self, _is_api_endpoint)
for name, api in api_endpoints:
api_cls = type(api)
api = api_cls(self)
setattr(self, name, api)
return self
def __init__(self, appid, access_token=None, session=None, timeout=None, auto_retry=True):
self._http = requests.Session()
self.appid = appid
self.expires_at = None
self.session = session or MemoryStorage()
self.timeout = timeout
self.auto_retry = auto_retry
if access_token:
self.session.set(self.access_token_key, access_token)
def access_token_key(self):
return f"{self.appid}_access_token"
def _request(self, method, url_or_endpoint, **kwargs):
if not url_or_endpoint.startswith(("http://", "https://")):
api_base_url = kwargs.pop("api_base_url", self.API_BASE_URL)
url = f"{api_base_url}{url_or_endpoint}"
url = url_or_endpoint
if "params" not in kwargs:
kwargs["params"] = {}
if isinstance(kwargs["params"], dict) and "access_token" not in kwargs["params"]:
kwargs["params"]["access_token"] = self.access_token
if isinstance(kwargs.get("data", ""), dict):
body = json.dumps(kwargs["data"], ensure_ascii=False)
body = body.encode("utf-8")
kwargs["data"] = body
kwargs["timeout"] = kwargs.get("timeout", self.timeout)
result_processor = kwargs.pop("result_processor", None)
res = self._http.request(method=method, url=url, **kwargs)
except requests.RequestException as reqe:
raise WeChatClientException(
errcode=None, errmsg=None, client=self, request=reqe.request, response=reqe.response,
return self._handle_result(res, method, url, result_processor, **kwargs)
def _decode_result(self, res):
result = json.loads(res.content.decode("utf-8", "ignore"), strict=False)
except (TypeError, ValueError):
# Return origin response object if we can not decode it as JSON
logger.debug("Can not decode response as JSON", exc_info=True)
return res
return result
def _handle_result(self, res, method=None, url=None, result_processor=None, **kwargs):
if not isinstance(res, dict):
# Dirty hack around asyncio based AsyncWeChatClient
result = self._decode_result(res)
result = res
if not isinstance(result, dict):
return result
if "base_resp" in result:
# Different response in device APIs. Fuck tencent!
if "errcode" in result:
result["errcode"] = int(result["errcode"])
if "errcode" in result and result["errcode"] != 0:
errcode = result["errcode"]
errmsg = result.get("errmsg", errcode)
if self.auto_retry and errcode in (
):"Access token expired, fetch a new one and retry request")
access_token = self.session.get(self.access_token_key)
kwargs["params"]["access_token"] = access_token
return self._request(method=method, url_or_endpoint=url, result_processor=result_processor, **kwargs)
elif errcode == WeChatErrorCode.OUT_OF_API_FREQ_LIMIT.value:
# api freq out of limit
raise APILimitedException(errcode, errmsg, client=self, request=res.request, response=res)
raise WeChatClientException(errcode, errmsg, client=self, request=res.request, response=res)
return result if not result_processor else result_processor(result)
def get(self, url, **kwargs):
return self._request(method="get", url_or_endpoint=url, **kwargs)
def post(self, url, **kwargs):
return self._request(method="post", url_or_endpoint=url, **kwargs)
def _fetch_access_token(self, url, params):
""" The real fetch access token """"Fetching access token")
res = self._http.get(url=url, params=params)
except requests.RequestException as reqe:
raise WeChatClientException(
errcode=None, errmsg=None, client=self, request=reqe.request, response=reqe.response,
result = res.json()
if "errcode" in result and result["errcode"] != 0:
raise WeChatClientException(
result["errcode"], result["errmsg"], client=self, request=res.request, response=res,
expires_in = 7200
if "expires_in" in result:
expires_in = result["expires_in"]
self.session.set(self.access_token_key, result["access_token"], expires_in)
self.expires_at = int(time.time()) + expires_in
return result
def fetch_access_token(self):
raise NotImplementedError()
def access_token(self):
""" WeChat access token """
access_token = self.session.get(self.access_token_key)
if access_token:
if not self.expires_at:
# user provided access_token, just return it
return access_token
timestamp = time.time()
if self.expires_at - timestamp > 60:
return access_token
return self.session.get(self.access_token_key)