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confy, the conferences directory

This app is made with the intention to learn basic uses of Sinatra and Padrino.

We are incrementally adding use cases. Stay in touch by following us in Twitter

Project setup

You need to install create two postgres databases named confy and confy_test, as you can see in the file config/database.rb:

when :development then Sequel.connect('postgres://confy:confy@localhost/confy', :loggers => [logger])
when :test        then Sequel.connect('postgres://confy:confy@localhost/confy_test', :loggers => [logger])

Heads up... don't forget to bundle install all the things!

Then you will need to run the migrations with sequel:

# sequel -m db/migrate postgres://confy:confy@localhost/confy
# sequel -m db/migrate postgres://confy:confy@localhost/confy_test

Finally, execute the rake db:seed command and start the padrino server:

# rake db:seed
# padrino s

Now you can open a browser and surf to http://localhost:3000 and start seeing all the magic.