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WP Strip Naked

Version: v0.5

Strips down WP to it's bare essentials. Removes everything that's not needed to be in place if you use WP as a CMS. There are no options needed. The plugin works out of the box - just activate!


The Plugin removes:

  • All Dashboard Widgets except for "Incoming Links"
  • All built in taxonomies and leaves only the "nav-menu" taxonomy
  • The built in post type "Post"
  • Changes the option "show on front" to "pages"
  • Changes the initial posts query to search for the page with the lowest ID
  • All admin bar items and leaves only the site name that can be used to access the public view
  • Admin Menu items and submenu items: Posts, Links, Comments
  • The admin menu items for Plugin & Theme Editor
  • All Settings admin menu items and replaces them with the "All Settings" Page and makes it only accessible for 'manage_options' capability
  • Removes the "capitalPdangit" filter from content, title and comment text, in case you add those filter in CPT related stuff


You can now remove the "Feeds" and "Pages" post type with switching 0/1 on the "All Settings" page. Plugin Settings fields are highlighted in blue.


Not needed.


visit Franz Josef Kaiser at his blog | or at his Github Account | or get social on G+ or on Twitter.



  • v0.5 Removed PHP 4 compatibility. Moved single filters to a function. Fixed a small bug.
  • v0.4 Move Capital P Dangit filters to a single function
  • v0.3.1 Bug fixes: Textdomain string
  • v0.3 Adds Settings, removes Feed & Pages on demand. New (De-)Activate/Uninstall Class
  • v0.2 Removes feed
  • v0.1 First version - Draft

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