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Add bash autocomplete for WP-CLI as Composer post-package-install script
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WP-CLI Bash Autocomplete

Usage as Composer post-package-install script. Adds bash autocompletion when WP-CLI gets installed using Composer. This package mostly is a convenience package that should make the build process easier.

This package needs 20 seconds to set up. Zero maintenance.

How To

Install WP-CLI using Composer. your project. Simply add WP-CLI on top of that:

"require" : {
	"wp-cli/wp-cli"              : "~1.0",
	"wecodemore/wp-cli-composer" : "~2.0"

Then setup the script

"scripts" : {
	"post-install-cmd" : [

Finally you will need to define a pointer to tell the post package installer where wp-cli was installed to. In most cases this simply will be your users home directory/~, but you can define custom locations as well.

"extra" : {
	"wordpress-install-dir" : "wp",
	"bash-profile-dir"      : "/home/youruser"


Q: Shall I install it from GitHub or from Packagist?

A: The package is on Packagist and auto updated from GitHub instantly (using WebHooks).

Q: If I ran this twice by accident, do I then have the scripts appended twice?

A: No, the script is smart enough to care about that and appends itself only once.

Q: What happens if I'm not sure and the bash profile location is probably wrong?

A: The script does only check if the directory exists and not if you got a .bash_profile file there. If there is none, it will attempt to create one for you.

Q: What version should I refer to in my composer.json?

A: We use semantic versioning, so you will want to stay up to date with major versions.

Q: Should I visit Vienna?

A: Yes. You won't regret it. Ping me and I'll grab a coffee with you.

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