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This web app finds files in your OneDrive account whose contents have identical hashes.
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OneDrive Duplicate File Finder

This is a simple application to find files that have the exact same contents in the user's account on Microsoft OneDrive. It works by finding files that have identical SHA-1 hashes.

Dependency installation

This web app was built for Python 3.6 with the Flask microframework. To install required libraries, run:

pip install -r requirements.txt

Configuration for development

These instructions are for Windows only. Instructions for other operating systems may be added in the future.

First, create a secret key for Flask. This value is necessary for Flask sessions to work. A string of 20 random characters should suffice; refer to the Flask documentation for more information. Create a new file called Test_Config.bat and add the following line:

SET APP_SECRET_KEY={your key here}

Next, create a Microsoft Graph app. Follow the instructions in the Microsoft documentation to set this up. Once you have your OAuth app ID and secret, add them to Test_Config.bat like so:


There should be three lines total in this file: one for APP_SECRET_KEY, one for OAUTH_APP_ID, and one for OAUTH_APP_SECRET.

Running locally

Once you have finished the configuration instructions above, you can run this app locally. On Windows, just execute Test_Run.bat. The server should start listening at http://localhost:5000/.

Configuration for production

If you are setting up a server for production use, you may instead set the APP_SECRET_KEY, OAUTH_APP_ID, and OAUTH_APP_SECRET environment variables in the system configuration. You should also set the OAUTH_CALLBACK environment variable to the URL in this application that the OAuth flow should use as the callback URL.

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