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feincms-oembed converts standard URLs from more than 200 content providers into embedded videos, images and rich article previews by letting Embedly to the hard work.

It's stunningly simple to use:

  1. Add 'feincms_oembed' to INSTALLED_APPS.

  2. Create the content type:

    from import Page
    from feincms_oembed.contents import OembedContent
        ('large', _('large'), {'maxwidth': 640, 'maxheight': 376 }),
        ('small, _('small'), {'maxwidth': 360, 'maxheight': 240 }),
    Page.create_content_type(OembedContent, TYPE_CHOICES=TYPE_CHOICES,
                PARAMS={'wmode': 'opaque', key:settings.EMBEDLY_KEY })

If you want to customize the Embedly request or use another OEmbed provider, set settings.OEMBED_PROVIDER to a function receiving the URL and a dict with additional arguments and returning a suitable URL which returns OEmbed JSON on access. OEMBED_PROVIDER must either be a dotted python path or a callable:

from feincms_oembed.models import oembed_provider
def my_provider(url, kwargs):
    kwargs['wmode'] = 'opaque'
    return oembed_provider(url, kwargs)
OEMBED_PROVIDER = my_provider

If you don't want any surprises with blocked access to embedly I suggest registering for a free API key:

Using the FeedContent

If you want to use the FeedContent, make sure you have feedparser in your Python Path:

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