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Getting Started
Provide authentication using email/password or popular third-party identity providers like Google, Facebook, and GitHub.




Our Auth service allows you to avoid the headache of operating your own user management system. Features like creating accounts, resetting passwords, and updating profiles are easily accomplished with a few lines of code.

Try it yourself

Want to see the process of deploying WeDeploy Auth step by step?

Check also the tutorial for Android and the tutorial for iOS.


All WeDeploy projects use similar configuration files to prepare your projects for deployment. Learn more on our page about Getting Started with Deploying.

Below is an example of a wedeploy.json for an Auth container.

  "id": "users",
  "image": "wedeploy/auth:@site.version.image.auth@"

The id for your services are uniquely determined by you.


Check for new releases to our Auth Service on our Updates page.

What's next?

Now we're ready to start managing users.