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This Ruby extension provides camera input for DC1394 compatible firewire cameras using libdc1394 2.x.

Author: Jan Wedekind Copyright: 2010 License: GPL


This Ruby extension provides the class {Hornetseye::DC1394Input} for capturing video frames using a DC1394-compatible firewire camera.


hornetseye-dc1394 requires the DC1394 headers. If you are running Debian or (K)ubuntu, you can install them like this:

$ sudo aptitude install libdc1394-22-dev libswscale-dev libboost-dev

To install this Ruby extension, use the following command:

$ sudo gem install hornetseye-dc1394

Alternatively you can build and install the Ruby extension from source as follows:

$ rake
$ sudo rake install


Simply run Interactive Ruby:

$ irb

You can open a DC1394-compatible firewire camera as shown below. This example will open the camera and switch to a resolution selected by the user. Finally the camera input is displayed in a window. This example requires hornetseye-xorg in addition to this Ruby extension.

require 'rubygems'
require 'hornetseye_dc1394'
require 'hornetseye_xorg'
include Hornetseye
camera = 0 do |modes|
  modes.each_with_index { |mode,i| puts "#{i + 1}: #{mode}" }
  modes[ STDIN.readline.to_i - 1 ]
end { }
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