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Zumo robot with Raspberry Pi Zero W
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raspberry-zumo Build Status

Raspberry Pi Zumo


Furthermore you need a USB keyboard and a monitor with an HDMI socket to setup the Raspberry Pi. If you want to connect a mouse in addition to the keyboard, you will need a USB hub.


  1. Setup LAN Wifi connection on the Raspberry Pi Zero W.
  2. Use rpi-config to enable SSH remote login on the Raspberry Pi Zero W.

On the Raspberry Pi Zero W:

sudo apt-get install ffmpeg
sudo rpi-update # to make sure the v4L2 drive is available.
sudo modprobe bcm2835-v4l2 # to load it and create /dev/video0
sudo cp etc/ffserver.conf /etc


Video streaming

On the Raspberry Pi

Run the FFmpeg server.

ffserver -d

Start the camera stream.

sudo modprobe bcm2835-v4l2

On the PC

Run the camera display.


Remote control

On the Raspberry Pi

Run the control software.


On the PC

Run the XBox client.


The two XBox joysticks can be used to control the robot. When pressing the "A" button, the robot goes into autonomous mode. Autonomous mode can be exited by pressing the "B" button. Note that it takes some time for the software to start and the neural network to load.


Copy the images and YAML files to the PC into the images directory.

rsync -az pi@raspberrypi:raspberry-zumo/images .

Run the training.


Copy the new neural network to the robot.

scp model.* pi@raspberrypi:raspberry-zumo

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