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Branding guidelines for Developh
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Hey! Here are our logos; get in touch with us if you need to use them or pick them up from here if we've agreed on them. PNGs and JPEGs are up for download but if you're in need of other formats or have questions, don't hesitate to email us.

Logo Usage

Developh Logo

The Developh logo is always presented with both its icon and wordmark.

Developh Logo, without the icon

In cases where the full logo is too long for a pubmat/collateral, only the icon is used. However, this is only allowed when the Developh name is already evident (i.e. a pubmat on our own social media page). For external media (partners/sponsors), please use the full logo.

Whether with wordmark or without wordmark, the logo must always have a healthy amount of whitespace around it. This means that other elements (e.g. logos) must not be in proximity of it. Basically, the logo has to be able to breathe; if anything is too close to it, it will suffocate.

The logo is only allowed to be presented in shades of blue, black, and white. The background color should be high-contrast to the color it is presented in.

Appropriate Developh logo usage samples


In standard pubmats/collaterals, we use a monochromatic color scheme based on the color blue. White is the other main color we use; we try to avoid using pure white (#FFFFFF), and instead use a light lavender (#e0e4ee). Sometimes, we use lavender (#7783d6) and cyan as accent colors; see below for example usage.

Developh Color Palette and Examples

In special cases/campigns, the color palette may be allowed to deviate from this standard. It must, however, still include at least one of the main colors: blue and white. See below for examples of special cases.

Compilation of Custom Developh Illustrations


We use graphics to help visualize our messages, which often contain abstract concepts like innovation and education.. Generic technology icons are often used to decorate standard pubmats.

Collab Pubmat

However, in cases where generic icons aren't enough, we use custom-made illustrations. These are lineless, and rely on gradients for shading. As much as possible, we want to avoid the generic look illustrations in tech tend to have (see as an example). Basically, we want our illustrations to look like they were drawn by a human, not a machine. There's some leeway for a "generic" look in illustrating abstract concepts like opportunity, but a unique look is strictly required for drawing anything involving humans.

Compilation of Custom Developh Illustrations

Voice and Tone

Developh is a student-run organization that aims to make technology more accessible to youth in the developing world. As a result, we aim to be understandable and relatable in our writing. These are our rules for copy:

  1. We are direct. Basically, we try to avoid writing long-winded stories if our message can be expressed in a few sentences only.
  2. We are expressive. Despite being straight to the point, we take great liberty in describing our message, in order to make our message clear. An example of this is often using more than one adjective (especially with descriptors in rule #3, see below).
  3. We are passionate. In line with rule #2 (see above), descriptors of our mission usually appear in our copy. Examples of these include the following: equitable, accessible, inclusive, diverse.

Our tone changes depending on our audience. In our social media, our tone is usually informal (with a moderate dose of emojis and hashtags). In situations with a professional audience (e.g. EduTECH Conference), our tone becomes formal. Feel free to use technical terms in making your message clear. See our website's About page as a reference.

See you!

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