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This solves the multi-line URL copying issue that has kept me from migrating to WeeChat from Irssi. It brings infinite and glorious convenience to every user who isn't a fan of vertical splits!

The point of this is that you can use weechat.look.align_end_of_lines = message to get nice formatting, but words that wrap to multiple lines are formatted like weechat.look.align_end_of_lines = time. This allows long URLs to be clicked and the full word to be conveniently copy-pasted.

You may still need weechat.look.eat_newline_glitch = on, depending on how and which terminal you use.

Works with both, weechat.look.prefix_align = none and right. Most of the code is about coping with the slight complexities of the latter.

Works with vertical splits too, with limited usefulness.

For reference, this explains the previously available options for viewing long words as continuous text (that are not sufficient for me and some other users):


@flashcode you should merge this in. Seems pretty nice. And it's always good to have more customization. 😃


Yes @flashcode, you should definitely merge this. If this works, there would finally be one actually usable solution to the URL problem.

torhve commented Aug 12, 2015

I have tested this patch and it seems to work as advertised if the URL linked is the first word. However if the URL appears at the end of a sentence then I get prefix lines and thus are unable to click it.

torhve commented Aug 12, 2015

A screenshot to illustrate what I mean:


Mikaela commented Aug 13, 2015

Have you tried alt + l (if it does nothing /key missing) or /window bare? I cannot remember encountering links that didn't work with it.


@Mikaela I'm sure everybody is aware of that option. It's inconvenient compared to being able to just click on links without changing the view (which also usually moves the link and then you have to find it again).


Hmm, that seems strange, I must have tested that case too. I'll have to find time to look into this more.

torhve commented Aug 16, 2015

@celeron55 there might be a combination of options that's required to make it work? I might have some settings in my client that overrides yours? Can you suggest settings to make it work as intended as the screenshot above displays?

Marqin commented Jan 25, 2016

Has anyone looked at this patch and bug that @torhve mentioned?

@flashcode flashcode closed this in 8ad3b9a Dec 17, 2016

#802 has been merged.

@flashcode flashcode removed the waiting info label Dec 17, 2016
lidel commented Jan 15, 2017 edited

This is a neat feature, thank you!

FYI urxvt was not detecting entire URL when running inside of tmux,
but suggested /set weechat.look.eat_newline_glitch on fixed it and weechat+tmux+urxvt works perfect now.

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