@flashcode flashcode released this Oct 21, 2018 · 33 commits to master since this release

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New features

  • core: add repeat of string in evaluation of expressions with "repeat:count,string" (issue #958)
  • core: allow specifying buffer number/name for /buffer localvar (issue #1259)
  • core: allow multiple arguments in command /buffer close
  • core: allow multiple options "-r" ("--run-command") in command line arguments (issue #1248)
  • core: add option "-P" (or "--plugins") to customize the plugins to load at startup
  • core: allow partial buffer name in command /buffer close (issue #1226)
  • api: add function hook_line
  • irc: display a warning when the value of option irc.server.xxx.autojoin is set to an invalid value
  • relay: add real IP in client description (issue #1256)
  • trigger: allow creation of temporary variables with the regex
  • trigger: add hook "line"

Bug fixes

  • core: fix evaluation of nested ternary operators (issue #1263)
  • core: fix evaluation of condition when the left operand is an empty string
  • core: fix string evaluation with regex replacement when the string is empty
  • core: fix check of tags in lines (command /filter and hook_print)
  • core: fix clear of completion item in case of partial completion (issue #1162)
  • core: send signal "key_pressed" for mouse code only if the string is UTF-8 valid (issue #1220)
  • api: fix memory leak in function string_split
  • lua: fix return code of mkdir functions in case of error (issue #1267)
  • scripts: fix duplicated lines in output of script eval (python, perl, ruby, lua and guile)


  • unit: add tests on line and hook functions


  • php: add detection of PHP 7.3