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Portal Ant Data

Census of the ant community occurred every year (1977-2009) over a two week period during July after the summer monsoons have begun. Data collection ended in 2009.

Ant bait data

Portal_ant_bait includes data collected by leaving bait piles for ants to forage. species and abundance are recorded.

Ant colony data

Portal_ant_colony includes data collected by counting the number of colonies and colony entrances (openings) near each permanent rebar stake on a plot. species, colonies and openings are recorded.

Data flags

Portal_ant_dataflags describes the codes used to flag potentially problematic data. These flags are used in the flag column of Portal_ant_colony.


Portal_ant_species contains the ant species list and species codes used in Portal_ant_bait and Portal_ant_colony.

Please refer to for a complete description of how these data were collected.