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Portal Weather Monitoring Data

These data stitch together manually collected weather data (1980 - 1989) and data from three overlapping automated weather stations (1989 - present). This data are continuously updated.

Storm Data

In addition to the hourly data, the 2016 station collects precipitation data in 5 minute intervals during storm events. This is in the separate table Portal_storms.

Automated data collection

Below are column descriptions for Portal_weather. The data in this file are hourly and span three weather stations. The first only recorded Air Temperature and Precipitation, so other columns are left blank. The column record contains a unique value for each hourly reading on a datalogger. Thus, when the data switches to the new station or a new program, record starts over at 0. The record column can also indicate when missing data from one station were filled in with data from another. Example: during the first several months of the 2016 station going into operation, the battery would drain at night and stop collecting data. Data from the 2002 station were used for these hours.

Column Name Units Measurement Type Value
year Years Year
month Months Month
day Days Day
hour 2400-hour Hour
timestamp y-m-d h : m : s
record Record value on weather station
battv Volts Smp Battery Voltage
PTemp_C Deg C Smp Panel Temperature
airtemp Deg C Avg Air Temperature
RH % Smp Relative Humidity
precipitation mm Tot Total Precipitation
BP_mmHg_Avg mmHg Avg Barometric Pressure
SlrkW_Avg kW/m^2 Avg Average Radiation
SlrMJ_Tot MJ/m^2 Tot Total Radiation
ETos Deg C ETXs Total Evapotranspiration
Rso Deg C Rso Clear Sky Solar Radiation
WS_ms_Avg meters/second Avg Wind Speed
WindDir degrees Smp Wind Direction
WS_ms_S_WVT meters/second WVc Wind Vector: Speed
WindDir_D1_WVT Deg WVc Wind Vector: Direction
WindDir_SD1_WVT Deg WVc Wind Vector: Std Dev (Dir)
HI_C_Avg Deg C Avg Heat Index
SunHrs_Tot hours Tot Sunshine Hours
PotSlrW_Avg W/m^2 Avg Potential Solar Radiation
WC_C_Avg Deg C Avg Wind Chill

Manual data collection

Manually collected data are stored separately in Portal_weather_9801989. It is necessary to use only summarized monthly rainfall for this data.

Station overlap

Portal_weather_overlap contains duplicate values for air temperature and precipitation from the 2002 and 2016 stations. The 2002 station's columns come second and their names end in 2. It can be used to compare the two between stations or create an average. It also contains the record column for both stations, so it can be used to determine which station's data are used in the main Portal_weather data.

Please refer to for a complete description of how these data were collected.

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