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Portal Predictions

Metadata Check DOI License NSF-1929730

Portal Forecasting Website

This is the main repository for predictions made on the Portal rodent census data Portal Project.

Predictions are made and archived weekly. Approximately once a month, one of these forecasts is made immediately prior to a new trapping session (trapping occurs as close to each new moon as possible).

How to add a new model

Modeling is driven by the portalcasting package. New models should be added there following instructions in the "adding a model" vignette.

Docker builds

Forecasts are run using continuous integration based on a docker image. This makes the builds faster and more reproducible. The image is built using the Dockerfile, with v0.17.1 of portalcasting.

Rebuilding of the Docker container is required to pass updates to portalcasting along to the executed code in the Portal Predictions pipeline. When building the image, give it two tags: latest and the date (as yyyy-mm-dd) using the following commands (with the actual date input):

sudo docker build -t weecology/portal_predictions:latest -t weecology/portal_predictions:yyyy-mm-dd . 
sudo docker push weecology/portal_predictions

(Windows users will not need to include the sudo command.)


Using various models to forecast abundances at Portal




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