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T.A.R.A.L.L.O. Import Script

The script served its purpose on 12 April 2018, when the old inventory system was imported and T.A.R.A.L.L.O. was finally deployed to production.

The import script and the old spreadsheet-based inventory have been retired permanently, so this repo has been archived.

This repo also contained some other utility scripts, which are still maintained and have been moved to the T.A.R.A.L.L.O. repo, so you can grab the latest version there.

If you want to import some data into T.A.R.A.L.L.O. on your own, this should still give you an idea on how to use the addContent, addFeature and addItems methods to import data directly into the database rather than by JSON API or manual input.

convert takes some predefined csv files as input, builds an Item tree in memory and stores it in the database.

Since csv structure is quite complex and chaotic and full of exceptions and, most importantly, depended on the structure of our old inventory (an ods spreadsheet with 13 distinct pages and hundreds of rows in each) which is not public, the file contains huge if-else and switch statements to normalize the data: just search for addFeature and other functions to see how they're supposed to work.

The part that begins around line 1863 is also pretty useful: it connects to the database running in the developement instance (VM managed by Vagrant) and inserts both items, which is done through a single addItem, and audit entries with raw queries.


MIT, because nobody really cares about this giant unmaintained ball of spaghetti.