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Redux/Flux/CQRS bits for Swift
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WeeDux is a small implementation of the Model and Update aspects of TEA.

An application using WeeDux

WeeDux specifically ignores the view aspect and treats managing views as an external issue. View rendering is treated as a projection of the model and moore complex interactions can triggered as a side effect via Commads.


A WeeDux Program state is driven by two seperate components:

  • Model - current state of the reactor
  • Events - changes that infulence the state of the model. Events are updates in TEA terms. The term event is used as they represent something that has happend rather than something you want to happen. This makes modeling a sytem easier than the terms used in other TEA dervatives such as Action

WeeDux also provides an execution environment for async opertions in the form of:

  • Command- an operation that executes in an
  • Environment - A container for Command dependencies

The model is updated as events are applied to the model via an EventHandler

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