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a shitty hearthstone-inspired text-based python card game

Table of Contents

running the game


playing the game

beginning the game

to begin the game, each player shuffles her deck, and draws two cards. each player starts with 20 health.

each turn

each turn has three phases - draw, play, and use.

draw phase

the player draws one card from her deck

play phase

the player plays one card from her hand. this card will not be active until the following turn.

use phase

the player "uses" each card in play that is active. card that are active will have a ! after their name. after selecting a card to use, the player selects a target to attack - or, if there are no opposing cards in play, the player attacks her opponent's health directly.

ending the game

a player loses when she has 0 health left. the game is a draw if both players have no cards left in their decks

the interface

each turn, the following relevant information is printed out:

  • each player's health
  • the enemy's cards in play
  • your cards in play
  • the cards in your hand

cards are displayed in the following format: {card name: attack, defense}


your health: 20 | enemy's health: 20

enemy's cards in play:
1 - {monster: 2,4}

player's cards in play:

player's hand:
1 - {a.stunner: 1,2}
2 - {a.defender: 0,0}
3 - {*a.sacrificer: 4,5}

card effects

no effects

these cards don't have any effect

  • monster

activation effects

these effects happen when a card is first put into play

  • a.charger - can attack on the same turn that it is played
  • a.damager - deal 3 damage to the opponent's health
  • a.defender - set this card's attack and hp equal to the number of monsters the enemy has in play
  • a.necromancer - bring back one random monster from the discard pile
  • a.ohealer - add 2 health to one of your monsters in play
  • a.phealer - heal the user for 2 health
  • a.sacrificer - you must discard two cards from your hand to play this card
  • a.spawner - spawn one 0/1 minion
  • *a.spawner - spawn two 0/1 minions
  • a.stunner - stun all opposing monsters so they cannot attack next turn
  • a.summoner - draw one card
  • *a.summoner - draw two cards
  • a.thunder - deal one damage to each opposing monster, as well as to the enemy's health
  • *a.thunder - deal two damage to each opposing monster, as well as to the enemy's health
  • a.upgrader - add 1/1 to one of your monsters in play
  • *a.weakener - subtract one attack from each opposing monster

use effects

these effects happen every time a card is used to attack an opposing monster

  • *u.destroyer - automatically destroy the opposing monster, but lose one health in the process
  • u.grower - gain one attack point, then attack
  • u.silencer - reduce the opposing monster's attack to 0

destroy effects

these effects happen when a card is destroyed

  • d.bomb - destroy all other monsters in play


hearthstone-inspired python card game






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