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Reloads process upon changes to source files and exceptions. Great for development.


Runs node as child process whilst watching specified files changes. If a change is detected, the child process is restarted.

All STDOUT AND STDERR should be piped back to the console, so it shouldn't look any different.


npm install bounce


bounce [-r] [-g] -w 'dir1,dir2' 'command_to_run -a -b arg1 arg2'

-w: watch paths, comma separated. If using globs () then must be wrapped in quotes, e.g. 'lib/.*' -r: respawn on child process exit -g: growl notify on child process exit (needs growlnotify) -h: show this usage

Running Tests

  • bin/bounce -r -g -w "" "test/.js,test//.js" "node test/test.js"

    Changes to test.js and watch/file.js should cause the counter to restart. Counter should restart after 10 s (due to exception being thrown)

  • bin/bounce "node test/error.js" Should throw an error and exit immediately

Tested on Ubuntu/OSX on Node 0.2.3