Dropin require polyfill for the browser
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Dropin require polyfill for the browser

Really useful in development for when you don't want to crank up browserify.

Super simple.

Fully swappable with browserify and friends in production.


  1. Include the script and serve it (it won't work direct from the filesystem due to browser security)
<script src='require.js'></script>

or use it direct from rawgit

<script src='//rawgit.com/weepy/brequire/master/require.js'></script>
  1. Code like a boss

  2. You can optionally include the PARSEJS library which will help point point any syntax errors in your code whilst


You can add compilers for coffeescript, css, JSX or whatever in very simply by registering a handler like

require.compilers.css = function(text) {

    var style = document.createElement('style');

This will allow you to include css on page like :



It uses Sync XHR which is great for development, but not so much in production.

Forunately, you can swap out this library with browserify or similar in production.